Space Art Wallpaper

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links to wallpaper of Binary Sun

Binary Sun

Two suns shine over a desert world in this pre-"Star Wars" painting somewhat anticipating Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1976).

links to wallpaper of Cosmic Evolution

Cosmic Evolution

Abstract painting for Astronomy Magazine cover illustrates the Big Bang spawning millions of galaxies which, in turn, bring forth trillions of red dwarf stars (digital;2004).

links to wallpaper of Chaotic Formation of Planets

The Chaotic Formation of Planets

Cover painting for the June, 2008 issue of Scientific American illustrates the chaotic and violent nature of the early solar system (digital; 2008).

links to wallpaper of Hadean Earth

Hadean Earth

Asteroid impacts continually shatter the thin crust of the young Earth; interior piece for Scientific American (digital;2009).

links to wallpaper of Huygens Descending

Huygens Descending

It's drogue chute deployed, the Huygens spacecraft plunges into the the clouds of Titan; interior spread for Scientific American (digital; 2004).

links to wallpaper of Moonrise: 4 Billion BCE

Moonrise:4 Billion BCE

Mountainous tides drawn by a much closer moon erode the newborn continents of the young Earth (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1979).

links to wallpaper of Number of the Beast

Number of the Beast

Cover painting for Robert A. Heinlein novel features a Lowellian Mars, Oz, and some fast and dangerous machines (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1988).

links to wallpaper of Arriving at Alpha Centauri

Arriving at Alpha Centauri

A mile-long starship discards its braking stage above an earthlike world of Alpha Centauri after its 50-year voyage; for Astronomy Magazine(digital; 2012).

links to wallpaper of Super Earth Super Earth

Super Earth Exoplanet

An inner planet transits a red dwarf star as viewed from a planet twice Earth's mass orbiting in the "Goldilocks Zone"; cover for Sky and Telescope Magazine (digital;2007).

links to wallpaper of Beneath Saturns Rings

Beneath the Rings of Saturn

Viewed from the clouds deep within Saturn's atmosphere, the distant sun blazes through the relatively clear region of Saturn's Rings known as the Cassini Division(acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1980).

links to wallpaper of Black Hole

Black Hole

A black hole is fed by gases streaming from a red dwarf companion star (digital;2007).

links to wallpaper of Galaxy Rising Galaxy Rising

Galaxy Rising

The arms of a spiral galaxy sweep through the sky of a distant, cloud-enshrouded planet (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1994).


links to wallpaper of Heart of the Quasar

Heart of the Quasar

Shredded stars are ejected by the maelstrom of a million solar mass black hole at the core of a distant galaxy (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1990).

links to wallpaper of Mimas


Saturn fills the sky of its icy satellite Mimas (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1983).

links to wallpaper of Nightfall


Cover painting for the Isaac Asimov novel about a world whose inhabitants see the stars - from inside a globular cluster - once every thousand years (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1990).

links to wallpaper of Comets Bring Water to the Young Earth

Comets Bring Water

Icy planetesimals pummel the young Earth, adding water to its growing atmosphere; for Scientific American (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;2000).


links to wallpaper of Oak Tree and Sun

Oak Tree and Sun

The golden light of Earth's sun dances through the leaves of an oak tree (acrylic and gouache on illustration board;1979).

links to wallpaper of Terraformed Titan

Terraformed Titan

Three Billion years in the future, the descendants of Earth life have moved to a warming moon of Saturn as the Andromeda Galaxy and Milky Way collide; cover for Astronomy Magazine(digital;2013).

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere. — Carl Sagan

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