Original Paintings

Dixon originals have been collected by such science fiction luminaries as Larry Niven and Ray Bradbury and are in the Paul G. Allen Family Collection. A rotating selection of available pieces may be viewed via the links below. Please email to request a high resolution file for inspection.


Astronomy and Technology

A selection of traditional astronomical paintings.


Science Fiction Book Covers

Covers created for books ranging from Isaac Asimov's classic  "I, Robot" to Kim Stanley Robinson's "Red Mars."



Preliminary designs for covers. Many are exquisitely detailed miniatures. An economical way to begin a collection.

Red Mars Original Cover painting by Don Dixon

Red Mars

 This cover painting for Kim Stanley Robinson's award-winning novel about the terraforming of Mars is included as part of the Planetary Society's digital "Martian Library" on the Phoenix spacecraft, which landed in the arctic region of Mars on May 25, 2008. acrylic and gouache on illustration board, 15.5x19.5 inches, 1992; © Don Dixon ;$12,300