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Set in Egypt during the twilight of the Roman empire, A Death in Alexandria is the story of Peter Valerius Proba, a soldier turned scholar who risks everything to save the legacy of the civilization he swore to destroy.


Banished to a desert monastery for his role in the assassination of the philosopher Hypatia, he does not deny his guilt. Why should he refuse credit for dispatching a witch? An imperial investigator suspects Peter is not the murderous fanatic he seems. Gambling that the investigator might be enlisted to his cause, Peter confesses his real crime: leading a conspiracy to save the books of the Great Library from a fanatic's torch.


From the besieged gates of Rome to the bloodstained steps of an ancient temple, A Death in Alexandria is a journey through a world torn between reason and fanaticism in a pivotal age not unlike our own.




by Don Dixon


Represented by Marlene Stringer

Stringer Literary Agency, LLC.

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