Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

December 21 2014

mostly traditional media, early digital work, mid 1990s
  • 310-Titan-Lake
    Lakes of liquid methane or exotic hydrocarbons may cover the surface of Titan
  • 312-Eternity-Supernova
    a supernova blazes behind a doomed earthlike planet in this cover for Asimov's "The End of Eternity"
  • 322-Astro-MMU
    Hamilton Collection plate commemorating first free flying extra vehicular activity on shuttle mission
  • 323-VikingLanding
    Hamilton Collection plate commemorating landing of Viking One on Chryse Planitia, Mars, July 20, 1976
  • 326-Quasar-B
    intense jets of energy burst from the core of an active galaxy in this June, 1998 Scientific American cover - painting by Don Dixon
  • 328-OortCloud
    fragments of a comet nucleus drift in the icy reaches of the Oort Cloud, far from the sun. - painting by Don Dixon
  • 329-Quantum-Foam
    an allegorical image based on the premise that our universe sprang from a quantum fluctuation in the cosmic vacuum - painting by Don Dixon
  • 330-Apollo-Montage
    Hamilton Collection plate commemorating 25th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on moon - painting by Don Dixon
  • 333-Titan-Clouds
    Saturn hangs serenely above the smoggy atmosphere of Titan, cover for Scientific American Cosmos - painting by Don Dixon
  • 334-Algol-Binary
    binary stars exchange atmospheres in complex interplay of gravity and solar winds, interior Sky and Telescope - painting by Don Dixon
  • Earth and Moon in Comet Tail
    earth and moon are dwarfed by the tail of a passing comet - digital painting by Don Dixon, 1998
  • Big Bang
    A two dimensional portrayal of the Big Bang. Distance from the bright core represents increasing time. painting by Don Dixon
  • Sunrise over the Caloris Basin on Mercury
    The sun blazes above the desolate landscape of Mercury, cover November, 1997, Scientific American - acrylic and gouache painting by Don Dixon
  • 338-Proto-Planets
    planetesimals collide near the forming earth, 4.5 billion years ago - painting by Don Dixon
  • Comets Bring Water
    Impacting comets may have brought water to the early earth - acrylic and digital hybrid painting by Don Dixon, 2000
  • Sunrise on Mercury
    Sunrise on Mercury - wisps of the solar corona herald sunrise on Mercury - acrylic and gouache painting on illustration board, 1998 by Don Dixon
  • 345-Greenland-Meteor
    recreation of a meteor that may have exploded over Greenland - painting by Don Dixon for Scientific American
  • 347-Jupiter-Meteor
    A small comet plunges into Jupiter's atmosphere in this painting commisioned for Carl Sagan's book "Comet". acrylic on illustration board, 1987.
  • 348-Quantum-Cosmos
    mysterious energy causes the expansion of the universe to accelerate, cover, January 1999, Scientific American - painting by Don Dixon
  • 349-Horizon
    diagram showing how the expansion of the universe delays contact between two points because speed of light is finite - painting by Don Dixon for Scientific…
  • 303-Andies-Oak
    The golden light of earth's sun diffuses through the mist-filled branches of an oak tree in this unusual Don Dixon painting, which was executed in 1979 with…
  • Meteorite impact in the Rub' al Khali
    Molten glass splashes out from a meteor impact in the Empty Quarter ( Rub' al Khali ) of the Saudi Arabian Desert - digital painting by Don Dixon for…