Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

January 15 2009 - June 26 2015

Late 1980s to Early 1990s. traditional media
  • 252-Lucid-Dreams
    book cover, human eye floats in twilight zone portal against starry sky - painting by Don Dixon for Jeremy Tarcher
  • 256-Sun-Over-Mercury
    the sun rises over the edge of a large crater on Mercury - painting by Don Dixon
  • 258-Earth-Crossing-Asteroid
    a small asteroid zooms past the moon enroute to earth - painting by Don Dixon
  • 260-Uranus-From-Miranda
    Miranda, a moon of Uranus, has apparently been shattered and reassembled many times, creating unique landforms - painting by Don Dixon
  • 261-SL9-Impact
    Fragments of Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 impact Jupiter ; acrylic on board, 1994
  • 265-Saturnian-City
    cover for Michael McCollum novel about a city floating amidst the clouds of Saturn
  • 266-Transition
    cover for Vonda McIntyre novel, fractal-like intelligent nebula hovers behind starship and earthlike world
  • 269-The-GodsT-hemselves
    cover for Asimov novel "The Gods Themselves" about parallel universe, moonbase. Acrylic, 1993. © Don Dixon
  • 270-Flare-Star-1
    Coronal streamers rise above the roiling surface of a flare star in this 1990 acrylic on canvas painting. This is a background detail of artwork commissioned…
  • 273-First-Rain
    for Newsweek Japan, rains begin to fill craters on the young earth
  • 274-First-Seas
    the first seabeds were probably shallow impact basins
  • 275-Parallel-Universe
    sketch for cover of Asimov novel "The Gods Themselves", earth and alien world join through crack in continuum
  • 276-Heart-Of-The-Quasar
    an immensely massive black hole swirls at the center of a galaxy
  • 278-Nightfall
  • 280-Terraformed-Moon
    earth shines above a moon that advanced technology has rendered habitable
  • 283-Phobos-Base
    a spaceship orbits above a domed base on Mars' inner moon
  • 285-Mars-Camel
    genetically engineered camel adapted for life on a Mars that has been given a barely breathable atmosphere
  • 286-Crashlander
    cover for Larry Niven novel about a journey to the galactic core. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 289-Green-Mars-revised
    Green Mars. cover for Kim Stanley Robinson novel about effort to terraform Mars. Acrylic and gouache, 1997. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 290-Greenhouse-NY
    whimsical look at the good side of global warming, as New Yorkers enjoy sun and surf. 1981, acrylic and gouache on masonite.
  • 291-Moon-Ring
    the newborn moon orbits within a ring of debris splashed out by the impact that formed it, over a molten earth
  • 292-Oort-Body
    a comet nucleus, whose exotic ices are stained brown by cosmic radiation, basks in the light of an ancient supernova
  • Early Earth
    volcanos and mists shroud the primitive earth, as its oceans are stirred by a much closer moon. Acrylic and gouache on illustration board, 1994. copyright 2013…
  • 299-Greek-Ruins
    Greek Ruins - a Greek temple on the coast of the Aegean, opening illustration for article in Modern Maturity about Democritus, who first postulated an atomic…
  • 299-Space-Elevator
    Space Elevator made of unimaginably strong materials rises 22,000 miles above the equator, providing easy access to space. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 300-Shuttle-Montage
    Hamilton Collection commemorative plate showing stages of a space shuttle mission
  • 263-Galaxy-Rising
    a spiral galaxy rises gracefully in the sky of an alien world. cover of "Mountain Astrologer";acrylic and goauche and digital;1983/2006; copyright Don Dixon /…
  • 287 - Red Mars
    Red Mars - A giant spacecraft assembled from discarded Shuttle fuel tanks orbits over Mars, having transported the first colonists to the Red Planet. This cover…
  • Green Mars Cover Painting
    Green Mars - cover painting for book two of the science fiction trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.acrylic on illustration board, overall size 17x21.5 inches,…
  • Blue Mars
    Blue Mars, cover painting for the third book in Kim Stanley Robinson's trilogy about the terraforming of Mars, shows the final stages of the transformation of…