Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

January 31 2001

traditional media, mid 1980s. Many science fiction book covers.
  • 201-Nemesis
    Nemesis - a starship orbits a world of Barnard's star, cover for the Isaac Asimov novel
  • 203-Daedalus-Staging
  • 204-GravitationalvLens
    one-tenth of a light year out, a giant detector captures photons refracted by the sun's gravity to image distant galaxies
  • 207-Return-To-Earthport
    Return To Earthport - a returning Mars expedition docks at a space station. Acrylic, 1987.
  • 212-Triton-Surface
    Neptune in sky of Triton, based on first Voyager images cosmographica home
  • 213-HST-over-Earth
    shuttle approaches Hubble Space Telescope, Painted in collaboration with Rick Sternbach, copyright Perkin-Elmer Corporation 1984
  • 214-Tower-Of-Glass
    cover for Robert Silverberg novel, acrylic on illustration board, 1989
  • 215-Fire-Sanctuary
    cover for "Fire Sanctuary" by Katharine Kimbriel depicts a radioactive world whose inhabitants' castes are based on genetic integrity
  • 216-Tides-Of-Time
    cover for John Brunner time travel novel
  • 219-I-Robot
    I, Robot - cover for classic Asimov anthology featuring a babysitter guided by the Three Laws of Robotics
  • 220-Orbiting-Callisto
    Orbiting Callisto - a nuclear-powered rocket in orbit above one of Jupiter's moons
  • 221-Winds-Of-Change
    Winds Of Change - cover for Asimov anthology depicts a bald eagle witnessing the departure of the last humans from earth. Acrylic and Gouache on illustration…
  • 222-Into-The-Maelstrom
    Into The Maelstrom - a ship plunges toward a black hole
  • 224-Antares-Dawn
    Antares Dawn - cover for novel by Michael McCollum, a starship hovers against the backdrop of the exploding red giant Antares
  • 225-Charons-Ark
    Charon's Ark - cover for novel by Rick Gauger depicts a dinosaur sanctuary on Pluto. Published by Ballantine Books in 1987. cosmographica home
  • 226-Nine-Princes
    Nine Princes in Amber - cover for classic Robert Silverberg novel
  • 227-Universe-Between
    Universe Between - cover for novel by Alan E. Nourse, hand reaches through fire to grasp the stars
  • 228-Foundation-Trilogy
    Foundation Trilogy - cover for classic Asimov novels about a galactic empire, starships battling over planet Terminus
  • 229-Crucible-Of-Time
    Crucible Of Time - cover for John Brunner novel about an alien civilization's struggle to survive cosmic catastrophes
  • 230-Encounter
    Encounter - UFO encounter on lonely mountain road
  • 231-Rocket-To-Limbo
    Rocket To Limbo - cover for Alan E. Nourse novel, spaceship discovers floating city on alien world. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 233-Saphire-Road
    Saphire Road - a starship lands on a strange world
  • 234-Space-Race
    Space Race - two spaceships launch from an asteroid
  • 235-Son-Of-Man
    Son Of Man - cover for Robert Silverberg novel, strange humanoid descendant in distant future
  • 236-Assassins-Gambit
    Assassins Gambit - cover for novel by Robert Forstchen, Samurai heroes are brought into future to battle in alien war
  • 239-NumberOfBeast
    The Number Of The Beast - cover for Heinlein novel, featuring the Lowellian Mars, Oz, and fast and dangerous machines ; acrylic and gouache, 1988
  • 242-Lifeburst
    Lifeburst - cover for Jack Williamson novel in which a ring of satellites encircles the earth in the far future
  • 244-Still-River
    Still River - cover for Hal Clement novel about a mission to the core of a giant comet
  • 245-Trouble-On-Titan
    Trouble On Titan - cover for Alan E. Nourse novel, ship hovers above Saturn's moon Titan
  • 247-Awakeners
    The Awakeners - cover for Sheri S. Tepper novel about intelligent avian aliens
  • 248-Shaman
    Aboriginal inhabitants of an extrasolar planet attempt to drive away colonizing humans with magic. Cover for Del Rey Books, acrylic on illustration board, 1988