Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

December 18 2015

early 1980s, traditional media
  • 154-Titan-Geyser
    itan Geyser - liquid methane gushes from a vent on the surface of Titan, gouache on illustration board, 1974
  • 155-Titanian-Lake
    Titan Lake - pools of complex hydrocarbons or liquid methane may cover large areas of Titan Previous Home
  • 156-Eclipse-by-Saturn
    Saturn eclipses the sun as seen from Iapetus, creating a diamond ring effect
  • 158-Martian-Moonrise
    Phobos and Deimos poised above horizon of Mars
  • 160-Valles-Kasei-2
    Valles Kasei 2 - Dry river valley on Mars, based on sketch made below Zabriskie's Point in Death Valley
  • 163-Mars-Telescopic
    Mars sketched while observing through a 6" Newtonian reflector telescope under excellent conditions.
  • 167-Deimos-First-Step
    First Step on Deimos - an astronaut drifts down to the surface of Mars' inner moon, pulled by its feeble gravity
  • 168-Maelstrom-2
    Maelstrom 2 - debris swirls toward ultimate destruction in a black hole
  • 170-Our-Galaxy
    Our Galaxy. Stylized view of the Milky Way as seen from 100,000 light years. Acrylic on illustration board, 1988.
  • 171-Barnards-Star
    Barnard's Star - 6 light years away, might serve as a dim orange sun for a family of planets
  • 172-Red-Giant-Sun
    Red Giant Sun - In about 5 billion years our sun will warm and swell to consume the earth; the distant moon transits the swollen solar disk
  • 173-Quasar-Xmas
    Quasar Christmas - A domed habitat on a desolate world contains a Christmas tree, with a blazing quasar in the background
  • 174-Marching-Forest
    Marching Forest - on the imaginary planet Thraxisp, a forest grows in waves toward the source of its energy, the gas giant primary on the horizon.
  • 175-Ice-World-1
    Ice World 1 - a frozen planet of a red dwarf star glistens in its deceptively warm glow
  • 177-Thraxisp
    Thraxisp - a hypothetical habitable satellite of an extrasolar gas giant, developed with Larry Niven, William Hartmann, Joel Hagen, Rick Sternbach, Paul Preuss,…
  • 178-Sentinels-Of-Antares
    Sentinels Of Antares - pillars of salt encrust the bed of an ocean that boiled away when the planet's sun became a red giant
  • 180-Pluto-Perihelion
    Pluto at Perihelion - Pluto's thin atmosphere thaws when it is near the sun, perhaps causing parhelia and other optical effects
  • 181-Solar-Corona
    Solar Corona - as viewed during a total eclipse
  • 183-Giotto-Halley-Encounter
    Halley Encounter - painted the night of the Giotto-Halley encounter, shows the peanut-shaped nucleus of Halley's comet
  • 184-Uranus-Rings-full
    Uranus Rings pre-Voyager visualization of the rings of Uranus viewed from passing comet (dated concept)
  • 186-Eclipse-by-Gas-Giant
    Eclipse by Gas Giant - cover of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1977
  • 188-Moon-Forming-Impact
    Moon Forming Impact - a small planet smashes into the young earth, splashing out debris that forms the moon
  • 189-Venus-Surface
    Venus Surface - a volcano adds to the hellish environment of Venus
  • 195-Jupiter-Impact
    Jupiter Impact - a small comet explodes in the clouds of Jupiter, for "Comet" by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan
  • 196-Io-In-Transit
    Io In Transit - Io transits the disk of Jupiter as seen from Europa
  • 197-Lunar-Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse - earth eclipses the sun as seen from the moon
  • 200-Planetenteleskop
    Planetenteleskop - German space telescope orbits high above the earth
  • 169-Black-Hole-2
    Black Hole 2 - gas is compressed to x-ray incandescence as it impacts the accretion disk of a black hole; acrylic and gouache on illustration board, 1987;…
  • 159-Martian-Mists
    Fog fills the valleys at the edge of Mars great canyon, the Mariner Valley. Acrylic on canvas, 1990