Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

December 27 2014

traditional media, late 1970s
  • 101-Solar-Sailor
    a ship driven by the weak but persistent pressure of sunlight gracefully glides past an extrasolar planet ; acrylic on board, 1979
  • 102-Globular-Cluster
    Globular clusters may the cores of galaxies that were disrupted by tidal interactions. Dozens of them swarm like bees about the core of the Milky Way ; acrylic…
  • 104-Asteroid-Prospector
    Long, spindly legs level the prospector's craft in the irregular gravity field of a small asteroid ; acrylic on board, 1984
  • 108-Rhiannon
    twin moons approach a doomed alien world ; acrylic on board, 1978
  • 109-Project-Cyclops
    Project Cyclops - an enormous metalized balloon shields a giant radiotelescope from earth's radio interference, in a search for alien signals ; cover painting…
  • 110-Tacking-Sunward
    Tacking Sunward - a solar sail gracefully unfurls behind the moon ; acrylic on board, 1980
  • 112-Island-One
    a classical toroidal space colony which rotates to simulate gravity ; acrylic, 1980
  • 117-Below-Saturns-Rings
    Below Saturn's Rings - the sun blazes briefly through the Cassini Division of Saturn's rings, as seen from the cloudtops ; acrylic on illustration board, 1980
  • 126-Planetesimals
    Planetesimals - the seeds of planets crash together in the solar nebula, gradually growing larger ; acrylic and gouache 1985
  • 127-Moonrise-4BY-BC
    Moonrise 4 Billion B.C.E. - a young, close moon rises above the ancient sea, invoking huge tides that scour the continents ; acrylic and gouache on board, 1979
  • 130-Contact-Binary
    Contact Binary - the companions forming the binary star Algol exchange gases in a complex manner, cover for Science Digest ; acrylic on board, 1981
  • 131-Black-Hole
    Black Hole - gas from a companion star blazes brightly upon impacting the accretion disk of a black hole ; acrylic, 1980
  • 135-Jupiter-balloon-Probe
    Jupiter Probe - a balloon probe floats amidst Jupiter's clouds
  • 140-Europan-Valley
    Europan Valley - icy canyons of Europa are stained with the organic residue of the ocean below the crust
  • 143-Callisto
    Callisto - a full Jupiter is poised above the ancient cratered surface of Callisto
  • 147-Mimas
    Saturn seen from Mimas - Saturn looms large in the sky of this nearby icy moon
  • 148-Exploring-Saturn
    Exploring Saturn - a team of astronauts maneuver amidst the icebergs comprising the rings of Saturn
  • 118-Titan-Dawn
    118 Titan Dawn; The ringed planet Saturn hangs like a shining bow in the sky of its largest moon Titan, which is shrouded in a dense atmosphere of nitrogen…
  • 115-Commuter-Fantasy
    Commuters' Fantasy - rising sea levels swamp Southern California's freeways, as bubble craft soar above ; acrylic on board, 1979
  • Mining an Asteroid
    Operation Asteroid - An mile-long carbonaceous asteroid is maneuvered into orbit over the moon, where it will be mined for organics required to sustain a lunar…
  • 139-Io-Sodium-Aurora
    Io's Sodium Aurora - sputtering of high energy particles from Jupiter's radiation belt ionize Io's surface and thin atmosphere. The resulting cloud is entrained…