Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

December 22 2014

traditional media, mostly 1970s
  • 058-Supernova
    a planet melts in the blazing radiance of a supernova explosion ; gouache on illustration board, 1976
  • 060-Meteoric-Rain
    Meteoric Rain - during the formation of the earth, millions of tons of dust and rock rained down every day ; gouache on illustration board, 1976
  • 066-Moon-Capture-Theory
    An explanation for the moon's origin is that a ring of dust around earth slowed the passing moon, allowing it to be captured by earth's gravity. The modern…
  • 069-Trans-Mars-Injection
    Viking One departs earth enroute to Mars, venting fuel from the discarded booster creates a blue glow ; gouache on illustration board, 1975
  • 070-Mars-Orbit-Insertion
    Viking fires its engines above Mars to become the first artificial object to orbit another planet ; gouache on illustration board, 1975
  • 074-Ten-Feet-Over-Mars-Viking-landing
    Viking's engines shut off and it drops to a soft landing. Color of the Martian sky is as conceived prior to first landing ; acrylic and gouache on masonite,…
  • 076-Viking-Orbiter
    As the lander explores the surface, the Viking Orbiter photographs Mars and its moons and serves as a radio relay ; gouache on illustration board, 1975
  • 077-Interstellar-Probe
    a giant starship is assembled high above the moon ; acylic and gouache on illustration board, 1976
  • 081-Binary-Sun
    In this pre Star Wars painting, two suns blaze in the sky of a desert world. Tidal forces distort their shapes ; gouache on illustration board, 1976
  • 083-Colliding-Galaxies
    spiral galaxies herald the dawn on an imaginary planet ; acrylic and gouache on illustration board, 1985
  • 091-Ice-Cliffs-On-Titan
    pools of hydrocarbons nestle between highly eroded cliffs of ice on Titan ; gouache on board, 1979
  • 096-Super-refraction-venus
    Super-refraction on Venus - Prior to the landing of Russian Venera probes, some astronomers suggested Venus' dense atmosphere might refract light so strongly…
  • Fire Fountains
    099 Fire Fountains; lava fountains erupt on the molten surface of the young earth; acrylic and gouache on illustration board, approximately 10x7 inches, 1975; ©…
  • 055-Zeta-Aurigae
    Zeta Aurigae - red supergiant star over a desolate planet. A blue companion star casts a second shadow ; gouache on illustration board ; Don Dixon, 1975
  • 090-Formation-Of-Tycho
    Formation of Tycho Crater; an asteroid smashes into the moon, forming a crater ; gouache on illustration board, 1977 by Don Dixon
  • 067-First-Lunar-Tides
    The newborn moon looms close and large in the earth's sky, stirring huge tides; cover of The Deep Range by Arthur C. Clarke ; acrylic on canvas, 1975
  • 051-Uranus
    Uranus on the horizon of its moon Oberon, acrylic and gouache on illustration board, 1974. © Don Dixon
  • 052-Neptune
    Neptune in the sky of its large moon Triton; acrylic and goache on illustration board ; 1974. © Don Dixon
  • 053-Orion-Nebula
    Orion Nebula - an earthlike world, child of one of the young stars in the Great Nebula in Orion, floats near the outskirts of this stellar nursery. Acrylic and…
  • 057-Mira
    Mira is a giant variable star that swells and shrinks like a fiery heart, taking 332 days per "beat" ; gouache on illustration board, 1976
  • 059-Cygnus-X-1
    Cygnus X-1 - possible black hole draws gases from a companion star ; gouache on illustration board, 1975. © Don Dixon
  • 061-Primordial-Clouds
    Primordial Clouds - local condensations within clouds of interstellar gas coalesce to form the nuclei of new solar systems ; acrylic and gouache on illustration…
  • 062-Birth-Of-The-Sun
    5 billion years ago the solar nebula flattens into a disk, pressure within the central mass triggers nuclear fusion ; gouache on illustration board, 1976
  • 063-Accretion-Of-Earth
    planetesimals, chunks of rock and ice, coalesce to form the nuclei of planets such as the earth ; gouache on illustration board, 1976. © Don Dixon