Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

September 07 2013 - February 26 2014

Very early work, from 1968-1975, traditional media.
  • 008-Antares-Five
    Hypothetical planet orbiting the red giant star. A white dwarf companion fills shadows with violet light. Oil on masonite, 1973.
  • 015-Planet-X
    oil on canvas, 1973 impression of the frigid landscape of a hypothetical planet beyond Pluto. Lakes of liquid nitrogen cover the surface.
  • 017-Uranus-From-Oberon
    A powdery lake of exotic ice crystals fills a valley on one of the moons of Uranus in this dated concept. Oil on canvas, 1973.
  • 031-Saturn-Flyby
    he Pioneer 11 probe makes the first reconnaissance of Saturn in 1979. Oil on masonite, 1974. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 048-Saturn-Iapetus-2
    Saturn in the sky of its moon Iapetus - painting by Don Dixon, 1975
  • 009-In-The-Shadow-Of-Icarus
    In the Shadow of Icarus; an early painting by Don Dixon showing a crewed spacecraft sheltering in the shadow of the sun-diving asteroid Icarus as a tethered…
  • 003-Sunrise-On-Titan
    Saturn's rings poised vertically as seen from Titan's equator; oil on panel, 1971. At the time, Titan was believed to have a tenuous methane atmosphere which…
  • 010-Tycho-By-Earthlight
    Earth viewed from the lunar crater Tycho. The Pleiades star cluster is about to be occulted by earth. Oil on canvas panel, 1973. © Don Dixon/
  • 018 The Orbiting Ice
    Saturn's rings are composed of a myriad particles of ice, ranging in size from pebbles to icebergs,each following its own orbit. Oil on masonite, 1973. © Don…
  • 021-Antares-Rising
    As the red giant star Antares swells to engulf its inner planets, once frozen outer worlds thaw, perhaps to serve as temporary havens for life. Oil on Masonite…
  • 025-Apollo-17-Carrying-the-Fire
    The last expedition to the moon departs on December 7, 1972 in this photograph by Don Dixon from the shore of the Banana river near Cape Canaveral, Florida. The…
  • 026-Algol
    The companion stars that form the binary star Algol orbit within a complex stream of exchanged gas. Oil on masonite, 18x24 inches, 1974. artwork © Don…
  • 037-Mercury-Flyby
    Mariner 10 becomes the first spacecraft to visit Mercury. Oil on illustration board, 1975. artwork © Don Dixon/
  • 041-Phobos
    The larger Martian moon Phobos, known at the time of this painting to be a dark, potato shaped asteroidal body, orbits about 3,700 miles above Mars. Gouache on…
  • 042-Mars-Vertical-View
    sinuous valleys course for hundreds of miles across the Martian desert, providing evidence of ancient rivers. Gouache on illustration board, 1975. artwork © …
  • 043-Valles-Marineris
    Mars' grand canyon stretches for nearly 3,000 miles - gouache on illustration board painting by Don Dixon, 1974. The Martian sky is incorrectly depicted as deep…
  • 044-Pluto-1
    Pluto depicted with lakes of liquid air, an outdated concept - painting by Don Dixon, acrylic and gouache 1975. © Don Dixon
  • 045-Pioneer-Jupiter
    Pioneer 10 becomes the first spacecraft to visit Jupiter. Gouache on illustration board, 1974. © Don Dixon
  • 047-Eclipse-From-Io-1
    Jupiter eclipses the sun as seen from its moon Io. frosts that precipitate on Io's surface while in Jupiter's shadow may sublime back into the gaseous state -…