Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

April 07 2013

  • 101-Solar-Sailor
    a ship driven by the weak but persistent pressure of sunlight gracefully glides past an extrasolar planet ; acrylic on board, 1979
  • 109-Project-Cyclops
    Project Cyclops - an enormous metalized balloon shields a giant radiotelescope from earth's radio interference, in a search for alien signals ; cover painting…
  • 110-Tacking-Sunward
    Tacking Sunward - a solar sail gracefully unfurls behind the moon ; acrylic on board, 1980
  • 112-Island-One
    a classical toroidal space colony which rotates to simulate gravity ; acrylic, 1980
  • 200-Planetenteleskop
    Planetenteleskop - German space telescope orbits high above the earth
  • 204-GravitationalvLens
    one-tenth of a light year out, a giant detector captures photons refracted by the sun's gravity to image distant galaxies
  • 207-Return-To-Earthport
    Return To Earthport - a returning Mars expedition docks at a space station. Acrylic, 1987.
  • 213-HST-over-Earth
    shuttle approaches Hubble Space Telescope, Painted in collaboration with Rick Sternbach, copyright Perkin-Elmer Corporation 1984
  • 300-Shuttle-Montage
    Hamilton Collection commemorative plate showing stages of a space shuttle mission
  • 322-Astro-MMU
    Hamilton Collection plate commemorating first free flying extra vehicular activity on shuttle mission
  • 418-Cyclotron-Diagram
    In a cyclotron, or toroidal particle collider, such as the LHC in Geneva, streams of protons are accelerated in oppoisite directions by magnetic fields and then…