Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

September 13 2016

  • 017-Uranus-From-Oberon
    A powdery lake of exotic ice crystals fills a valley on one of the moons of Uranus in this dated concept. Oil on canvas, 1973.
  • 184-Uranus-Rings-full
    Uranus Rings pre-Voyager visualization of the rings of Uranus viewed from passing comet (dated concept)
  • 260-Uranus-From-Miranda
    Miranda, a moon of Uranus, has apparently been shattered and reassembled many times, creating unique landforms - painting by Don Dixon
  • 447-uranus-from-miranda
    Strange rift valleys mark the surface of this strange moon that has apparently been repeatedly disrupted and reassembled ; digital, 2006
  • 051-Uranus
    Uranus on the horizon of its moon Oberon, acrylic and gouache on illustration board, 1974. © Don Dixon
  • 393-Uranus-Rings-Diagram
    The Rings of Uranus- painting by Don Dixon for Scientific American