Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

The Moon
September 13 2016

  • 187-Moonscape
    Moonscape - earth shines brightly in the black sky of the moon
  • 197-Lunar-Eclipse
    Lunar Eclipse - earth eclipses the sun as seen from the moon
  • 282-Moon-Ice
    Lunar ice field. water vapor deposited by comet impacts may have collected as frost in eternally shadowed craters near the moon's poles
  • 291-Moon-Ring
    the newborn moon orbits within a ring of debris splashed out by the impact that formed it, over a molten earth
  • 330-Apollo-Montage
    Hamilton Collection plate commemorating 25th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on moon - painting by Don Dixon
  • 436-Palm-Moon
    A full moon rises above palms in my backyard in this digital composite. © 2005 by Don Dixon.
  • 439-Apollo-11-Flag
    Apollo 11 astronauts unfurl the U.S. flag on July 20, 1969. Acrylic and gouache study for Hamilton Collection commemorative plate, 1993. © 2005 by Don Dixon.
  • 090-Formation-Of-Tycho
    Formation of Tycho Crater; an asteroid smashes into the moon, forming a crater ; gouache on illustration board, 1977 by Don Dixon
  • 010-Tycho-By-Earthlight
    Earth viewed from the lunar crater Tycho. The Pleiades star cluster is about to be occulted by earth. Oil on canvas panel, 1973. © Don Dixon/
  • 025-Apollo-17-Carrying-the-Fire
    The last expedition to the moon departs on December 7, 1972 in this photograph by Don Dixon from the shore of the Banana river near Cape Canaveral, Florida. The…