Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

April 07 2013

  • 181-Solar-Corona
    Solar Corona - as viewed during a total eclipse
  • 383-Sun-anatomy-Cutaway
    Cutaway of the sun, showing core, radiative and convective zones, and corona - painting by Don Dixon for Scientific American
  • 460-solar-flare-diagram01
    diagram shows how electrons spiral along the sun's magnetic field lines ; digital, 2006
  • 461-solar-flare
    Solar magnetic fields snap and rejoin thousands of miles above the Sun's surface, releasing a burst of x-rays. Digital Artwork © 2007 Don Dixon /…
  • 462-solar-flare-diagram02
    Infographic showing how solar flares are created by the breaking and rejoining of magnetic field lines. Artwork © 2007 Don Dixon /