Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

Solar System Diagrams
April 28 2015

  • 314-Solar-Sysystem-to-scale-2
    solar system planets to scale, stretching diagonally across page
  • 366-Evolving-Orbits
  • 451 Solar System with Kuiper Objects
    Diagram shows a new way of defining the solar system as consisting of 8 planets and orbiting belts of planetoids. Digital, for Scientific American, 2006.Artwork…
  • 485-solar-system-diagram
    Diagram of the sun and planets showing their relative scale. The bluish haze beyond the orbit of Neptune represents the inner Kuiper Belt where dwell Pluto and…
  • Spacecraft Probe the Kuiper Belt
    499 - The Rosetta and New Horizons spacecraft explore different realms of the Kuiper Belt. Rosetta’s complex trajectory to rendezvous with Comet…