Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

June 23 2007

  • 031-Saturn-Flyby
    he Pioneer 11 probe makes the first reconnaissance of Saturn in 1979. Oil on masonite, 1974. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 048-Saturn-Iapetus-2
    Saturn in the sky of its moon Iapetus - painting by Don Dixon, 1975
  • 091-Ice-Cliffs-On-Titan
    pools of hydrocarbons nestle between highly eroded cliffs of ice on Titan ; gouache on board, 1979
  • 117-Below-Saturns-Rings
    Below Saturn's Rings - the sun blazes briefly through the Cassini Division of Saturn's rings, as seen from the cloudtops ; acrylic on illustration board, 1980
  • 145-Saturn-From-Phoebe
    Saturn viewed from one of its more distant moons would be a tiny jewel-like object.
  • 147-Mimas
    Saturn seen from Mimas - Saturn looms large in the sky of this nearby icy moon
  • 148-Exploring-Saturn
    Exploring Saturn - a team of astronauts maneuver amidst the icebergs comprising the rings of Saturn
  • 154-Titan-Geyser
    itan Geyser - liquid methane gushes from a vent on the surface of Titan, gouache on illustration board, 1974
  • 156-Eclipse-by-Saturn
    Saturn eclipses the sun as seen from Iapetus, creating a diamond ring effect
  • 310-Titan-Lake
    Lakes of liquid methane or exotic hydrocarbons may cover the surface of Titan
  • 333-Titan-Clouds
    Saturn hangs serenely above the smoggy atmosphere of Titan, cover for Scientific American Cosmos - painting by Don Dixon
  • 390-Encke-Gap
    A cluster of icy satellites have been perturbed into a temporary orbit a few thousand miles above the plain of the rings. Tenuous rings follow intertwined paths…
  • 392-Saturn-Rings-Diagram
    Lord of the RIngs: Saturn's magnificent system of rings extends nearly 200,000 miles from the center of the planet, but only the denser regions are easily…
  • 395-Saturn-Glory
    The sun blazes through the Cassini Division of Saturn's Rings as viewed from 5,000 miles below the C Ring. Ilustration for Scientific American, March, 2002. The…
  • 406-Huygens-Titan-Descent
    The Huygens probe descends on its drogue parachute toward the upper clouds of Titan. Digital, for Scientific American, 2004. © 2005 by Don Dixon.
  • 407-Huygens-Titan-02
    The Huygens probe descends on its drogue parachute toward the upper clouds of Titan. Version 2. Digital, for Scientific American, 2004. © 2005 by Don Dixon.
  • 415-Cassini-Huygens
    The Huygens spaceprobe descends to the surface of Saturn's moon Titan in this diagram depicting the mission sequence. Digital, 2004, for Scientific American. ©…
  • 416-Cassini-Trajectory
    The complex orbital maneuvers required to place the Cassini and Huygens probes in their proper orbits about Saturn required a very precise rocket burn near…
  • 446-saturn-from-mimas
    Saturn looms fixed in the sky of Mimas, whose surface is littered with battered ice. Commisioned by Griffith Observatory for an exhibit. Digital painting © 2007…
  • 456-saturn-moon-orbit-diagram
    Diagram for Scientific American shows orbits of the many satellites of Saturn. Artwork © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 472-Iapetus-Study
    Saturn produces a "diamond ring" effect as it eclipses the sun in this perspective from the satellite Iapetus. acrylic, gouache, and oil glaze on illustration…
  • 484-pioneer-saturn-1977
    The Pioneer 11 probe flys past Saturn in this pre-encounter acrylic on board painting dating from 1977.
  • Terraformed Titan
    More than 3 billion years in the future, the slow-motion collision between the Andromeda Galaxy and our Milky Way will trigger a spectacular burst of star…
  • 118-Titan-Dawn
    118 Titan Dawn; The ringed planet Saturn hangs like a shining bow in the sky of its largest moon Titan, which is shrouded in a dense atmosphere of nitrogen…
  • 003-Sunrise-On-Titan
    Saturn's rings poised vertically as seen from Titan's equator; oil on panel, 1971. At the time, Titan was believed to have a tenuous methane atmosphere which…
  • 018 The Orbiting Ice
    Saturn's rings are composed of a myriad particles of ice, ranging in size from pebbles to icebergs,each following its own orbit. Oil on masonite, 1973. © Don…