Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

Pluto and Kuiper Objects
January 17 2016

  • 015-Planet-X
    oil on canvas, 1973 impression of the frigid landscape of a hypothetical planet beyond Pluto. Lakes of liquid nitrogen cover the surface.
  • 180-Pluto-Perihelion
    Pluto at Perihelion - Pluto's thin atmosphere thaws when it is near the sun, perhaps causing parhelia and other optical effects
  • 211-Clyde-Tombaugh
    Portrait of Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto, 50th anniversary commemorative poster
  • 292-Oort-Body
    a comet nucleus, whose exotic ices are stained brown by cosmic radiation, basks in the light of an ancient supernova
  • 328-OortCloud
    fragments of a comet nucleus drift in the icy reaches of the Oort Cloud, far from the sun. - painting by Don Dixon
  • Kuiper Belt
    Diagram showing the inclined orbit of minor planet Pluto with respect to the Kuiper Belt surrounding the solar system. Digital 1999 © Don Dixon /…
  • 397-Pluto-Landscape
    Reddish organic compounds may blanket the icy surface of Pluto. Pluto's moon, Charon, Pluto's largest moon,looms in the sky. - painting by Don Dixon for…
  • Pluto and Charon
    Pluto and Charon- Pluto and its moon Charon form a double planet at the frontier of the solar system, cover for Out of the Darkness, by Clyde Tombaugh,…
  • 503-pluto-glacier
    503-Pluto-Glacier A glacier of frozen nitrogen flows through a valley on frigid Pluto, with its large moon Charon on the horizon. Oil on masonite panel, 2015,…