Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

September 13 2016

  • 212-Triton-Surface
    Neptune in sky of Triton, based on first Voyager images cosmographica home
  • 448-neptune-from-triton
    Plumes of dust entrained in geysers of nitrogen rise high above the surface of Neptune's moon Triton. Commisioned by Griffith Observatory for an exhibit.…
  • 052-Neptune
    Neptune in the sky of its large moon Triton; acrylic and goache on illustration board ; 1974. © Don Dixon
  • Migration of Neptune 1
    Passing comets perturb the orbit of the planet Neptune during the formation of the solar system. In the distance, a halo of comets swarm about the newborn sun …
  • 394-Neptune-Rings-Diagram
    Neptune's system of dark, tenuous rings is barely visible