Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

February 26 2014

  • 069-Trans-Mars-Injection
    Viking One departs earth enroute to Mars, venting fuel from the discarded booster creates a blue glow ; gouache on illustration board, 1975
  • 070-Mars-Orbit-Insertion
    Viking fires its engines above Mars to become the first artificial object to orbit another planet ; gouache on illustration board, 1975
  • 074-Ten-Feet-Over-Mars-Viking-landing
    Viking's engines shut off and it drops to a soft landing. Color of the Martian sky is as conceived prior to first landing ; acrylic and gouache on masonite,…
  • 076-Viking-Orbiter
    As the lander explores the surface, the Viking Orbiter photographs Mars and its moons and serves as a radio relay ; gouache on illustration board, 1975
  • 158-Martian-Moonrise
    Phobos and Deimos poised above horizon of Mars
  • 160-Valles-Kasei-2
    Valles Kasei 2 - Dry river valley on Mars, based on sketch made below Zabriskie's Point in Death Valley
  • 163-Mars-Telescopic
    Mars sketched while observing through a 6" Newtonian reflector telescope under excellent conditions.
  • 167-Deimos-First-Step
    First Step on Deimos - an astronaut drifts down to the surface of Mars' inner moon, pulled by its feeble gravity
  • 255-Mars-Base
    astronauts set up Mars base at edge of ancient river valley - painting by Don Dixon
  • 283-Phobos-Base
    a spaceship orbits above a domed base on Mars' inner moon
  • 323-VikingLanding
    Hamilton Collection plate commemorating landing of Viking One on Chryse Planitia, Mars, July 20, 1976
  • 370-Aldrin-Mars-Cycler
    Buzz Aldrin Mars Cycler - painting by Don Dixon for Scientific American
  • 404-Mars-Colony-01
    Astronauts set up a relay antenna near a Mars colony. Digital, 2005
  • 405-Mars-Colony-02
    Astronauts set up a relay antenna near a Mars colony. Version 2. Digital, 2005.
  • 469-mars-nanedi-valles
    View of the dusty Martian surface from the flanks of Nanedi Valles, an ancient flow channel. Oil on masonite, 2006. © 2007 Don Dixon /…
  • 041-Phobos
    The larger Martian moon Phobos, known at the time of this painting to be a dark, potato shaped asteroidal body, orbits about 3,700 miles above Mars. Gouache on…
  • 042-Mars-Vertical-View
    sinuous valleys course for hundreds of miles across the Martian desert, providing evidence of ancient rivers. Gouache on illustration board, 1975. artwork © …
  • 043-Valles-Marineris
    Mars' grand canyon stretches for nearly 3,000 miles - gouache on illustration board painting by Don Dixon, 1974. The Martian sky is incorrectly depicted as deep…
  • 357-Mars-Impact
    Asteroid Impact on Mars Ejects Meteorites to Earth - digital, 1997, © Don Dixon
  • 159-Martian-Mists
    Fog fills the valleys at the edge of Mars great canyon, the Mariner Valley. Acrylic on canvas, 1990