Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

September 13 2016

  • 133-Amalthea
    Amalthea - Jupiter's tiny, close moon races above the roiling cloudtops
  • 135-Jupiter-balloon-Probe
    Jupiter Probe - a balloon probe floats amidst Jupiter's clouds
  • 140-Europan-Valley
    Europan Valley - icy canyons of Europa are stained with the organic residue of the ocean below the crust
  • 143-Callisto
    Callisto - a full Jupiter is poised above the ancient cratered surface of Callisto
  • 186-Eclipse-by-Gas-Giant
    Eclipse by Gas Giant - cover of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1977
  • 196-Io-In-Transit
    Io In Transit - Io transits the disk of Jupiter as seen from Europa
  • 261-SL9-Impact
    Fragments of Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 impact Jupiter ; acrylic on board, 1994
  • 347-Jupiter-Meteor
    A small comet plunges into Jupiter's atmosphere in this painting commisioned for Carl Sagan's book "Comet". acrylic on illustration board, 1987.
  • 352-Europa-Probe
    A hydrobot explores the ocean that is believed to exist beneath Europa's icy crust.
  • 391-Jupiter-Rings-Diagram
    Jupiter is encircled by a diffuse system of very faint rings, best observed when backlit by the sun. - painting by Don Dixon for Scientific American
  • 419-Europa-Cover-03
    A crescent Jupiter is poised on the horizon of its icy moon Europa in this variation of artwork created for the May, 2004 cover of "Astronomy." Digital, 2004. ©…
  • 445-clouds-of-jupiter
    The horizon is nearly 1,000 miles away in this rendition of the upper clouds of Jupiter. A deck of ammonium hydrosulfide clouds stretches below. Digital…
  • 481-volcano-eruption-io
    Volcano erupts just beyond the horizon of Jupiter's moon Io, whose surface is blanketed with sulfur compounds, giving it a yellow hue.
  • 045-Pioneer-Jupiter
    Pioneer 10 becomes the first spacecraft to visit Jupiter. Gouache on illustration board, 1974. © Don Dixon
  • 047-Eclipse-From-Io-1
    Jupiter eclipses the sun as seen from its moon Io. frosts that precipitate on Io's surface while in Jupiter's shadow may sublime back into the gaseous state -…
  • Jupiter seen from the Icy Surface of Europa
    Cover painting for the October, 1999 issue of Scientific American for the story "Europa's Ocean." Mixed 3d rendering and photography. I sculpted "icebergs" in…
  • 139-Io-Sodium-Aurora
    Io's Sodium Aurora - sputtering of high energy particles from Jupiter's radiation belt ionize Io's surface and thin atmosphere. The resulting cloud is entrained…