Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

Asteroids and Comets
October 13 2013

  • 104-Asteroid-Prospector
    Long, spindly legs level the prospector's craft in the irregular gravity field of a small asteroid ; acrylic on board, 1984
  • 183-Giotto-Halley-Encounter
    Halley Encounter - painted the night of the Giotto-Halley encounter, shows the peanut-shaped nucleus of Halley's comet
  • 258-Earth-Crossing-Asteroid
    a small asteroid zooms past the moon enroute to earth - painting by Don Dixon
  • 327-Gliese-710-Comets
    comets in our solar system's Oort Cloud are disturbed by the passing of a nearby dwarf star in the distant future - painting by Don Dixon
  • Earth and Moon in Comet Tail
    earth and moon are dwarfed by the tail of a passing comet - digital painting by Don Dixon, 1998
  • 345-Greenland-Meteor
    recreation of a meteor that may have exploded over Greenland - painting by Don Dixon for Scientific American
  • 354-Stardust-comet-probe
    The Stardust Probe Approaches Comet Wilde 2 - Painting by Don Dixon
  • 437-Asteroid-Collision
    A large asteroid is struck by a smaller one. Since both bodies are porous, most of the energy is absorbed as heat, rather than dispersed with ejecta, thus…
  • 441-Deflecting-A-Comet
    A high-powered laser in earth orbit blasts surface material from an approaching comet nucleus in an effort to deflect it. Pre-production art for NBC miniseries…
  • 009-In-The-Shadow-Of-Icarus
    In the Shadow of Icarus; an early painting by Don Dixon showing a crewed spacecraft sheltering in the shadow of the sun-diving asteroid Icarus as a tethered…
  • 346-Fire-over-ice-greenland-meteor-explosion
    a huge fireball exploding over the Greenland ice cap, cover November, 1998 Scientific American - painting by Don Dixon
  • Meteorite impact in the Rub' al Khali
    Molten glass splashes out from a meteor impact in the Empty Quarter ( Rub' al Khali ) of the Saudi Arabian Desert - digital painting by Don Dixon for…
  • Mining an Asteroid
    Operation Asteroid - An mile-long carbonaceous asteroid is maneuvered into orbit over the moon, where it will be mined for organics required to sustain a lunar…