Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

Science Fiction and Futurism
January 31 2001 - June 26 2015

  • 214-Tower-Of-Glass
    cover for Robert Silverberg novel, acrylic on illustration board, 1989
  • 108-Rhiannon
    twin moons approach a doomed alien world ; acrylic on board, 1978
  • 173-Quasar-Xmas
    Quasar Christmas - A domed habitat on a desolate world contains a Christmas tree, with a blazing quasar in the background
  • 201-Nemesis
    Nemesis - a starship orbits a world of Barnard's star, cover for the Isaac Asimov novel
  • 215-Fire-Sanctuary
    cover for "Fire Sanctuary" by Katharine Kimbriel depicts a radioactive world whose inhabitants' castes are based on genetic integrity
  • 216-Tides-Of-Time
    cover for John Brunner time travel novel
  • 219-I-Robot
    I, Robot - cover for classic Asimov anthology featuring a babysitter guided by the Three Laws of Robotics
  • 220-Orbiting-Callisto
    Orbiting Callisto - a nuclear-powered rocket in orbit above one of Jupiter's moons
  • 221-Winds-Of-Change
    Winds Of Change - cover for Asimov anthology depicts a bald eagle witnessing the departure of the last humans from earth. Acrylic and Gouache on illustration…
  • 222-Into-The-Maelstrom
    Into The Maelstrom - a ship plunges toward a black hole
  • 223-Final-Circuit
    Final Circuit - cover for novel by Melinda Snodgrass, space station is spectacularly destroyed. Acrylic and gouache, 1987.
  • 224-Antares-Dawn
    Antares Dawn - cover for novel by Michael McCollum, a starship hovers against the backdrop of the exploding red giant Antares
  • 225-Charons-Ark
    Charon's Ark - cover for novel by Rick Gauger depicts a dinosaur sanctuary on Pluto. Published by Ballantine Books in 1987. cosmographica home
  • 226-Nine-Princes
    Nine Princes in Amber - cover for classic Robert Silverberg novel
  • 227-Universe-Between
    Universe Between - cover for novel by Alan E. Nourse, hand reaches through fire to grasp the stars
  • 228-Foundation-Trilogy
    Foundation Trilogy - cover for classic Asimov novels about a galactic empire, starships battling over planet Terminus
  • 229-Crucible-Of-Time
    Crucible Of Time - cover for John Brunner novel about an alien civilization's struggle to survive cosmic catastrophes
  • 230-Encounter
    Encounter - UFO encounter on lonely mountain road
  • 231-Rocket-To-Limbo
    Rocket To Limbo - cover for Alan E. Nourse novel, spaceship discovers floating city on alien world. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 232-Antares-Passage
    Antares Passage - cover for novel by Michael McCollum, starships assemble in earth orbit while supernova Antares glares in distance
  • 233-Saphire-Road
    Saphire Road - a starship lands on a strange world
  • 234-Space-Race
    Space Race - two spaceships launch from an asteroid
  • 235-Son-Of-Man
    Son Of Man - cover for Robert Silverberg novel, strange humanoid descendant in distant future
  • 236-Assassins-Gambit
    Assassins Gambit - cover for novel by Robert Forstchen, Samurai heroes are brought into future to battle in alien war
  • 238-The Alexandrian-Ring
    Alexandrian Ring - cover for William Forstchen novel, Alexander the Great is snatched into the future to battle on a ringworld ; acrylic and gouache, 1988
  • 239-NumberOfBeast
    The Number Of The Beast - cover for Heinlein novel, featuring the Lowellian Mars, Oz, and fast and dangerous machines ; acrylic and gouache, 1988
  • 242-Lifeburst
    Lifeburst - cover for Jack Williamson novel in which a ring of satellites encircles the earth in the far future
  • 244-Still-River
    Still River - cover for Hal Clement novel about a mission to the core of a giant comet
  • 245-Trouble-On-Titan
    Trouble On Titan - cover for Alan E. Nourse novel, ship hovers above Saturn's moon Titan
  • 247-Awakeners
    The Awakeners - cover for Sheri S. Tepper novel about intelligent avian aliens
  • 248-Shaman
    Aboriginal inhabitants of an extrasolar planet attempt to drive away colonizing humans with magic. Cover for Del Rey Books, acrylic on illustration board, 1988
  • 252-Lucid-Dreams
    book cover, human eye floats in twilight zone portal against starry sky - painting by Don Dixon for Jeremy Tarcher
  • 265-Saturnian-City
    cover for Michael McCollum novel about a city floating amidst the clouds of Saturn
  • 266-Transition
    cover for Vonda McIntyre novel, fractal-like intelligent nebula hovers behind starship and earthlike world
  • 268-Brain-World
    human brain as landscape floating in space
  • 269-The-GodsT-hemselves
    cover for Asimov novel "The Gods Themselves" about parallel universe, moonbase. Acrylic, 1993. © Don Dixon
  • 275-Parallel-Universe
    sketch for cover of Asimov novel "The Gods Themselves", earth and alien world join through crack in continuum
  • 278-Nightfall
  • 280-Terraformed-Moon
    earth shines above a moon that advanced technology has rendered habitable
  • 285-Mars-Camel
    genetically engineered camel adapted for life on a Mars that has been given a barely breathable atmosphere
  • 286-Crashlander
    cover for Larry Niven novel about a journey to the galactic core. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 289-Green-Mars-revised
    Green Mars. cover for Kim Stanley Robinson novel about effort to terraform Mars. Acrylic and gouache, 1997. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 290-Greenhouse-NY
    whimsical look at the good side of global warming, as New Yorkers enjoy sun and surf. 1981, acrylic and gouache on masonite.
  • 293-Sails-Of-Tau-Ceti
    a gigantic light sail casts its shadow on the distant earth in this cover for the Michael McCollum novel
  • 299-Space-Elevator
    Space Elevator made of unimaginably strong materials rises 22,000 miles above the equator, providing easy access to space. © 2007 Don Dixon /
  • 312-Eternity-Supernova
    a supernova blazes behind a doomed earthlike planet in this cover for Asimov's "The End of Eternity"
  • 319-SETI-at-Home
    lonely house on prairie under sweeping galaxy, allegory for search for extraterrestrial intelligence - painting by Don Dixon for Planetary Report. © 2007 Don…
  • 361-Alien-Antenna
    Alien Radio telescope probes the sky for signs of Intelligent Life - Painting by Don Dixon
  • 426-Ocean-Of-Night
    A spacecraft approaches a comet that is on a collision course for earth in this cover painting for Gregory Benford's novel "In the Ocean of Night." Digital…
  • 427-Sea-Of-Suns
    An interstellar ramjet leaves orbit above an earthlike planet of Barnard's star in this digital cover painting for the Greg Benford novel "Across the Sea of…
  • 428-Great-Sky-River-Mantis
    The Mantis is a mechanical anthology intelligence who pursues the last survivors of the human race in Greg Benford's Galactic Center series of novels. This was…
  • 429-Furious-Gulf
    A starship approaches perilously close to the black hole at the Milky Way's core in this digital cover painting for "Furious Gulf" by Greg Benford. 2004 for…
  • 429-Tides-Of-Light
    An astronaut plunges along the local gravity field generated by a cosmic string that an alien race is using to mine a planet's core. Digital cover painting for…
  • 471-space-elevator-02
    Powerful electromagnetic motors loft cargo carriers from the Island of Sumatra, on the equator, to geosynchronous orbit 22,000 miles up. Acrylic and gouache,…
  • 427-Great-Sky-River
    The chandeliers - huge space habitats - were humanity's last refuge before destruction by the Mech civilization. Cover for "Great Sky River" by Gregory Benford.…
  • 115-Commuter-Fantasy
    Commuters' Fantasy - rising sea levels swamp Southern California's freeways, as bubble craft soar above ; acrylic on board, 1979
  • 287 - Red Mars
    Red Mars - A giant spacecraft assembled from discarded Shuttle fuel tanks orbits over Mars, having transported the first colonists to the Red Planet. This cover…
  • Green Mars Cover Painting
    Green Mars - cover painting for book two of the science fiction trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.acrylic on illustration board, overall size 17x21.5 inches,…
  • Blue Mars
    Blue Mars, cover painting for the third book in Kim Stanley Robinson's trilogy about the terraforming of Mars, shows the final stages of the transformation of…