Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

April 14 2004

  • 279-Annular-Eclipse
    painting of annular eclipse off California coast
  • 299-Greek-Ruins
    Greek Ruins - a Greek temple on the coast of the Aegean, opening illustration for article in Modern Maturity about Democritus, who first postulated an atomic…
  • 304-Sailors-Delight
    small sailboat on sunset colored ocean - painting by Don Dixon
  • 438-New-Orleans-Flood
    Future fishermen ply their trade amidst the flooded ruins of New Orleans after the icecaps melt. Acrylic and gouache, 1983. © 2005 by Don Dixon.
  • 303-Andies-Oak
    The golden light of earth's sun diffuses through the mist-filled branches of an oak tree in this unusual Don Dixon painting, which was executed in 1979 with…
  • Caesareum Temple in Ancient Alexandria
    The Caesarium (or Caesareum) was a temple built by Cleopatra VII to commemorate the deification of her murdered lover Julius Caesar and to honor her husband…