Don Dixon's Astronomical Art Portfolio

Black Holes, Exotic Stars
September 07 2013

  • 130-Contact-Binary
    Contact Binary - the companions forming the binary star Algol exchange gases in a complex manner, cover for Science Digest ; acrylic on board, 1981
  • 131-Black-Hole
    Black Hole - gas from a companion star blazes brightly upon impacting the accretion disk of a black hole ; acrylic, 1980
  • 168-Maelstrom-2
    Maelstrom 2 - debris swirls toward ultimate destruction in a black hole
  • 270-Flare-Star-1
    Coronal streamers rise above the roiling surface of a flare star in this 1990 acrylic on canvas painting. This is a background detail of artwork commissioned…
  • 276-Heart-Of-The-Quasar
    an immensely massive black hole swirls at the center of a galaxy
  • 334-Algol-Binary
    binary stars exchange atmospheres in complex interplay of gravity and solar winds, interior Sky and Telescope - painting by Don Dixon
  • 363-Gamma-Burster
    Neutron Stars Collide to Create a Gamma Ray Burster - Painting by Don Dixon for Sky and Telescope
  • 379-Gravity-Mind
    A Mind composed of organized black holes in the distant future - painting by Don Dixon for Odyssey Magazine, digital, 1998
  • 398-Trinary-Black-Hole
    A black hole rips apart two companion stars in this private commission. The cores of two red giant stars spiral toward destruction. Sputtering explosions of…
  • 402-Magnetar-B
    Painted for the Feburary, 2003 issue of Scientific American, this digital painting shows the immense burst of magnetic energy and soft gamma radiation that is…
  • 408-Black-Hole-Disk
    Superhot gases pulled from a companion star whirl in the accretion disk surrounding a black hole. High energy jets stream from its poles. Digital, for…
  • 412-ss433BlackHole
    The strange star SS433 may be a black hole whose accretion disk is highly inclined with respect to its orbit about a companion star. Digital, cover, February…
  • 443-gravity-wave
    According to Einstein, collapsing stars should send waves of gravity rippling through space and time. Digital painting © 2007 Don Dixon/
  • Inside the Jet of a Galactic Black Hole
    Gazing into the "throat" of a galactic jet. A huge black hole at the center of the galaxy rips stars apart. Churning magnetic fields and acoustic waves ripple…
  • 169-Black-Hole-2
    Black Hole 2 - gas is compressed to x-ray incandescence as it impacts the accretion disk of a black hole; acrylic and gouache on illustration board, 1987;…
  • 496-gas-clouds-black-hole-milky-way
    Clouds of gas and dust swirl into the black hole at the core of the Milky Way galaxy. digital, for Scientific American, 2013. copyright Don Dixon /…
  • 026-Algol
    The companion stars that form the binary star Algol orbit within a complex stream of exchanged gas. Oil on masonite, 18x24 inches, 1974. artwork © Don…
  • 059-Cygnus-X-1
    Cygnus X-1 - possible black hole draws gases from a companion star ; gouache on illustration board, 1975. © Don Dixon